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Ben Thompson, CEO, Employment HeroBen Thompson, CEO
A company’s growth and success depends heavily on its employees. To foster an innovative workforce, Human Resources must ensure that the employees are managed and treated well. With the pandemic, where working remotely has become the new normal, it has become a challenge for organisations to track the activities of employees and manage their queries and difficulties. This is where HR Management (HRM) software shines. An HRM enables companies to function at their peak efficiencies and make immense profits, and Employment Hero—an Australia-based HRM software provider—helping thousands of companies to achieve the same.

Employment Hero offers a cloud-based HRM platform that is utilised by SMEs, entrepreneurs, and payroll managers. The platform consolidates HR software, financial services, scheduling, payroll management tools, and employee benefits to provide growing companies with an affordable and user-friendly tool to manage critical HR processes. Understanding the struggles that most business owners face, Ben Thompson, founder of Employment Hero, envisioned software that will bridge the gap between HR management and technology, making the hiring process easy and providing world-class benefits to employees, and Employment Hero has several features and functionalities supporting the same.

The platform offers a robust tracking system for employee lifecycle management, starting from hiring to onboarding to off-boarding. Using the platform, HR managers can paperlessly conduct employee onboarding and provide induction details. Employment Hero hosts a library of the latest compliant contracts, policies and HR documents that businesses can use to streamline their regulatory responsibilities. The platform also enables seamless Electronic Visa Checks (VEVO), wherein employees can upload their details during the onboarding process, and the company automatically checks that information with the Home Office in Australia.
Employees can easily submit their timesheets online daily, even from their cell phones, and have them approved by their respective managers anytime. Managers can conduct performance reviews and generate feedback loops to create high-performing employees. Review templates already exist in the platform, saving the managers from additional hassle.

Upper management can access these data anytime they wish, ensuring transparency and compliance. Employment Hero also offers asset registration to help the clients track different assets used by employees such as laptops, mobiles, iPads—a critical functionality in today’s work from home culture. With the platform’s help, managers and admins can easily create tasks for employees and track their progress. Employees can share their problems, suggestions and thoughts seamlessly to the concerned manager, ensuring employee satisfaction and well-being. Rooted deep in the company’s workforce is its desire to streamline the HR processes and give the business owners and manager the ease of mind they need—a value reflected well by Employment Hero’s teams.

The team consists of lawyers, HR specialists, payroll officers and financial analysts who bring several decades of experience to the table. Employment Hero believes in putting people first and ensuring its employees are having a good time getting the works done. The teams imagine being in their clients’ shoes and continuously evaluating new ways to improve the platform. The team makes sure its clients have a smooth onboarding process and provides support whenever needed. This customer-centric approach of Employment Hero has earned several accolades such as BRW Most Innovative Companies 2014, Get App Category Leader in 2019, Best Human Capital Management System by HRD Service Provider Awards, and Top twenty-five startups in 2018 by LinkedIn. Employment Hero continued to offer its support to its clients even during the pandemic in an innovative way.

Employment Hero in 2020 launched a new service called Global Teams to enable companies to recruit remote employees from around the world. It also launched the COVID-19 resource hub and employee wellness surveys. Employment Hero enables businesses to reach their full potential by drastically reducing admin time and helping employees have a work-life balance. With the recent funding of 25 million pounds by investor SEEK, it is clear that Employment Hero will change the landscape of the HR industry.
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Employment Hero

Employment Hero

Sydney, Australia

Ben Thompson, CEO

Employment Hero offers a platform that combines HR software, financial services, scheduling, payroll tools, and employee benefits, providing companies with an affordable way to manage HR processes. Employment Hero aims to become the employment platform of choice for employers and employees in Australia and beyond. Employment Hero’s built-in employee benefits program makes it simple and cost-effective for employers of all sizes to offer and administer a range of employee benefits typically associated with big employers